Green Springs, near Charlottesville: Growing a New Old Garden
Scientists and conservationists who created a weekend home, and now full time farm, escape to their New Old Virginia farmhouse, located in the Piedmont between Charlottesville and Richmond, VA, designed by David Neumann, FAIA. Rooms outside take advantage of microclimates created by the home's orientation: a potager (raised bed kitchen garden) in sunny morning light off the kitchen, with roof rainwater harvested for irrigation nearby; a water feature centered on the master bedroom window for the soothing sound of falling water; deer-resistant native trees and other plants blend with traditional Virginia heirloom boxwoods and peonies to support bird habitat; and a rain garden of beautiful native plantings, fed by roof rainwater to slow down, spread out and sink in rainwater. Creating a sustainable conservation landscape on poor, compacted soils began during construction. Sustaining and improving the condition of the garden ecosystem for its first five years was our very great privilege, informing our knowledge of best practices for soils, plants, ecosystems, and clients for future projects. Site & Landscape Design: Gentle Gardener Green Design. Hardscape: Lithic Construction. Plantsman: Instant Shade LLC. Contractor: Hale & White. VSLD Annual Summer 'Green' Tour, 2008. For more project photos, please see nlbarchitects on